Conversations With Part 3

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“Conversations With D”

I had a great one-on-one with Damia Jackson for her blog Single Girls Rock. Check out Part 1 of our conversation.


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“Let Men Talk”

“Let Men Talk” is a new show we’re airing on YouTube featuring myself, Author Clayton Reid Jones, and Robert Gooden, owner of Cigars 210 in Fort Washington Md. The show also features our special guess host Ms. Myah Griffith, and is produced and directed by Tanja George of Ultimate Media.

While talking about current issues and edgy topics, Let Men Talk engages the viewer by delivering this content in a unique way. Unlike most talk shows that’s just talk, this show enlists the audience by covering topics that the viewers request. While the show will enlighten minds from a male point of view, it also checks in with the resident female host for her perspective. Entertaining and humorous it speaks to the mature audience by digging deep into raw and uncut topics like celibacy, mental illness and sexual promiscuity in the black community.

Here’s the link to our first show. Please enjoy courtesy of “Let Men Talk. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

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Excerpt from the up-coming book, by Author Clayton Reid Jones entitled “Believe”

“The Job”

For some time, I had been feeling like I was misplaced when it came to my work. I noticed there were a lot of differences between me and my co-workers.  In most jobs, if you take a close look at the people and their positions, typically you will find many similarities. People who find themselves doing the same things for a living normally have a lot in common. With me it was just the opposite. The way I thought, the way I felt, the things I was interested in, and the stance I would take on most issues, all seemed to be different from my peers. These differences eventually would penetrate me in such a way, that I began feeling like I didn’t belong.

One of the most glaring differences that set me apart from my co-workers was my race, and how much I loved celebrating my ethnicity. The funny thing is, there was another African-American among the crew, but time and time again I was left to feel like I was alone. He and I befriended each other and shared some experiences outside of work. I would often visit his home and attend parties that he gave, but as time moved on I noticed the support seemed to be one-sided. Every time I extended an invitation to something I was having, he would always decline or just not show up. It wouldn’t be long before I started recognizing the obvious; the friendship was a facade and this person was fake. All the invitations to his house and to the parties were just a ploy to bring some much desired attention to himself. His need for attention would also show itself within our work.

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First time Author Clayton Jones on “A Touch of Grace” blog radio


Author Clayton Reid Jones joined fellow author and blog radio host GD Grace on his show “A Touch of Grace. Take a listen!


And as always!

Much Love

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“Who Else Could it Be But God”

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