Through great loss comes great Gain!

Just know through loss comes great gain! One can’t exist without the other. It took me losing a man who was like a brother to me, and losing one of my best friends at a time when we weren’t speaking. To meeting my Son again for the first time in Twenty years, and having a very dear friend of mine forewarn me that the Lord was coming, in order for me to see God’s presences.  

Every since that day this woman was assigned to me because of her awareness, and because of her relationship with the Lord. He didn’t send her to me because she was perfect living life without sin. He sent her because we would be able to relate to one another, and she would understand what I was going through.

Now Janet Terrell Jones and her family are dealing with a great loss, and I would like to remind her of my story. It’s not that she doesn’t already know, but it’s to bring comfort and confirmation to her and the family during their time of need. Nothing is in vain, sometimes we have to lose the things that’s close to us in order for us to gain the understanding; that He’s ever so present in our lives. We’re not in as much control as we think, He has the final say, and all we have to do is trust HIM. 

It’s extremely hard to see beyond the moment, but with God by our side, everything pales in comparison. To one of my best friends Janet Terrell Jones, and to her family, much love. And like she always says to us God got you!



About Clayton Reid Jones

Who is Clayton Jones? A father, son, friend, a child of God who believes in universal love. He believes truth is the medicine that we should apply to the wounds; that truth is derived from love ...and love is the only way we can heal.
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4 Responses to Through great loss comes great Gain!

  1. You are such an awesome friend. My prayers are with Janet and her family.

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