The wakeup call to rise

It’s a problem that’s been brewing in North America for quite a while. There’s a man buried alive in a shallow grave. This man is a noble man, a direct descendant of God. The power elite have kept a secret to keep this man buried in his tomb, vowing to never allow him to rise from his slumber.

Now God has sent tremblings to warn them that He is ready to wake the sleeping lion. Like He did through the root of David in Judah for the world to bear witness, God will raise the dead again. Harim Abiff, rise, rise, rise!  This is your wakeup call to rise! God is in control.

To all of God’s children, let’s take heed to the call. It’s time to wakeup and rise. This is not to be taken literally; this is an allegory.

I love y’all. 



About Clayton Reid Jones

Who is Clayton Jones? A father, son, friend, a child of God who believes in universal love. He believes truth is the medicine that we should apply to the wounds; that truth is derived from love ...and love is the only way we can heal.
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