Let it Breathe

Sometimes we find ourselves trying to advise others with the truth. We spend countless hours talking and suggesting things to help the people we most care about. The effort is to help them get to the root of their problem; at the root we’ll find the open wound.

As we offer the truth, it’s like pouring peroxide. It stings at first, but it’s necessary for the healing to begin. We set our minds around the idea that we need to endure the discomfort, because the discomfort will only last for a short period of time. Once the healing begins, we start to feel a tingling sensation that indicates to us that the wound is being healed.

It’s a very important element to the healing process that we sometimes overlook. When it comes to us administering the truth, we constantly belabor the same points until we develop frustration. That frustration is caused by us not seeing the desired result. We want to see, and be the cause for people’s healing.

All wounds have the capability to heal on their own. Applying medication is just an aid to help the process. When we offer the truth to people, think of it as something that will help, not be the sole solution. You offer it out of Love, but once it’s applied, you have to allow that situation to breathe. Oxygen is the most important element to the healing process.

Whenever something gets the chance to breathe, it’s actually being restored. It’s after a wound is exposed to air, that the white blood cells gather around the wound site to kill invading microbes. Once this occurs, then new cells grow into the wound replacing the damaged tissues. This process normally takes a few days.

Let’s never stop offering and accepting the truth from one another, but during the process let’s give the truth time to breathe. Breathing restores and creates new life. Restoration and new life brings a tingling sensation of Joy; joy is the indication to us that we’ve been healed.

To all my kindred spirits



About Clayton Reid Jones

Who is Clayton Jones? A father, son, friend, a child of God who believes in universal love. He believes truth is the medicine that we should apply to the wounds; that truth is derived from love ...and love is the only way we can heal.
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One Response to Let it Breathe

  1. Letting my wounds heal. Thank you so much Clayton!! May God continue blessing you with words and wisdom, from Him, to help me and others grow!

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