What stands between us, is a Masquerade

The world is one big masquerade. Nobody seems real to me anymore. The world has painted a picture of what things and people should look like, and to me you try to fit that description.

I believe you and I come from the same place, a place that doesn’t resemble the skin that we’re in. When our souls touched there was no denying what was real, but for some reason you want me to believe that was the facade; but why?

Can it be because of the secrets you and another share? If that’s so, then you have to understand that those same secrets are shared with many. The whole world has experienced indiscretions. You also must know that your secrets are shared with me by the one whom you’ve made your covenant with. He also is my constant companion, and He reveals things to me concerning matters of my heart.

He reveals these things, knowing my intent is ever so pure when it comes to Love. I’m made aware of the struggle that exists within you, in order for you to learn that you’re not alone. Others will understand, if you just trust in Him.

Through this revealing, He also wants you to stop letting these secrets enslave you. Nothing should ever come between you and your happiness. Happiness can come from the joy of knowing that all is understood and forgiven. This measure is needed in order for you to feel the power of Love.

The one thing I would like to do for you, and everyone I’ll ever touch, is to enable you the chance to climb inside of my perception to gain an advantage point. From there you’ll see the beauty that exists within you, regardless of your flaws. In my eyes you’re an angel. With broken wings you’re still my angel. Together we can give birth to new wings.

Please don’t let indiscretions from the past keep you trapped inside this masquerade. What I want to do, and what I’m called to do is help you relinquish the secrets you try to suppress. Love is what awaits you on the other side. As much as I wish that I could be the cure for your condition, I do realize that it’s out of my hands. So now I wait for my constant companion to deliver you from your secrets, so that we can move beyond this masquerade. My Love truly awaits you. I don’t care about the past; lets explore the present, in an effort to secure our future.

To everyone throughout the world, we can become one if we stop living inside the masquerade.

To all my Kindred spirits,



About Clayton Reid Jones

Who is Clayton Jones? A father, son, friend, a child of God who believes in universal love. He believes truth is the medicine that we should apply to the wounds; that truth is derived from love ...and love is the only way we can heal.
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One Response to What stands between us, is a Masquerade

  1. Vicki Stukes says:

    This is the truth.

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