The Million Man March Remembered

With all the things we celebrate each year in our community, we fail to celebrate this historic event. Why? For my generation this by far had to be the most significant event outside of the day we were born into this world, and maybe the day we leave.

At a time when there seemed to be very little hope of Black men being able to unite without violence being a part of the equation, over a million strong came out to show we were tired of our circumstances and realize everything starts with us. That day was a day we all decided to atone.

This great nation’s leaders at the time failed to see the most important thing about the event, because of bitter hatred, they chose to ignore the message and the opportunity to follow the black man’s lead for yet another time in world history; to learn something from the symbolism.

Instead they chose to make it about one man, to depict this man as someone who’s full of malice, and who had some sort of political agenda. While in the process ignore, the over one million American citizens who were there to show this nation and their families, that there remains a grave problem within our communities.

They also wanted to show, that with some help they were ready to take the steps toward real change, tap into that inner love which brings us all to the most powerful symbol of them all; the symbol of  sacrifice!

Yeah, with all my heart I believe we were ready to make that change, and so many did, but I have to ask my fellow brethren; “why did we stop there”? Understanding what we know about the forces that come against us, why didn’t this make us fight even harder to maintain?

With that being said, I don’t believe that it’s over. From that day the feeling remains the same, I never lost the desire to come together. If I feel this way I know so many others feel the same, but so often we hide behind the excuses that enable us to take a path of least resistance, instead of fighting the good fight to the end.

That day wasn’t a day full of malice at all, that day was a day about love and standing up holding ourselves accountable for the conditions that we find our communities in. We don’t need anyone to lead us to do the right thing. The right thing exists inside, and can be brought to the surface in all of us with the help from God.

That day and the way I feel is more evidence that time moves on but the spirit remains forever. The feeling of that day never left , so I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time before the month has ended, to remember a special occasion when a seed within me became watered in order for it to blossom at a later time in my life.

It was part of my awakening designated by God, so from this time forward, I can at least hold the day of Oct 16, 1995 as a sacred day to be celebrated, and to give thanks to my God for allowing me to see and be a part of such an incredible energy.

It’s because of that day that no one can suggest to me, that we can’t unite and stand together on common ground, because for one day I bared witness to the possibility of us all becoming one, and all things is possible through the power of God.

Whoever can find it in themselves to denounces this day, ultimately has it in them to denounce Love. I’m just an observer who’s made able to observe the truth in some things.

So let’s us never forget the sign He showed, and the message He sent by way of this event. That the way we create the change we seek will come by way of us uniting as one. Reinforcing that old cliche’ that will forever remain true; together we stand but divided we fall, I’m tired of falling y’all, it’s time we get back up!

As always I send my love.



About Clayton Reid Jones

Who is Clayton Jones? A father, son, friend, a child of God who believes in universal love. He believes truth is the medicine that we should apply to the wounds; that truth is derived from love ...and love is the only way we can heal.
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