The way I see Love

Love to me is never-ending, made to last for eternity. With this understanding my vision of love was made clear. Love creates new life and supports life already existing, and there’s no place its presence isn’t felt.

Knowing this I realize that it’s shared, and the more I share, the greater it becomes, leaving me with this expression to give to you.

The Love we share is a ray of bright light which appears to be golden. It’s a continuous movement of energy in 360 degrees creating a crown whose circumference is infinite in size. This crown has been placed on my head in an effort to make me forever a King. My Love will build a Kingdom.

The Kingdom wasn’t made for me to be alone on the throne, this throne is meant to be shared. To all the Kings and Queens I vibe with daily; this is a time in my mind revisited. This is the way I see Love.

 From the bottom of my heart I love y’all.



About Clayton Reid Jones

Who is Clayton Jones? A father, son, friend, a child of God who believes in universal love. He believes truth is the medicine that we should apply to the wounds; that truth is derived from love ...and love is the only way we can heal.
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