“Who Else Could it Be But God”

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Content Review for, “Who Else Could it Be But God?”

Content Review from Tate Publishing for the story by Author Clayton Reid Jones entitled: “Who Else Could It Be But God?” My Relationships Led Me To Him. The first of two memoirs.

While some authors may choose to leave out the worst experiences they’ve had when writing a memoir, you, however, successfully managed to write a story that is not only well laid-out but more importantly one that’s also vulnerably honest and straightforward. You did this by drawing out the mistakes you’ve had in the past, albeit painfully, and imparting whatever important lessons you may have learned in a way that’s truly engaging and relatable. Image

What’s great about this book is that it doesn’t only poignantly convicts its potential readers, but it also gives out the impression that seems to encourage them to start looking at the bright side of things and not give up in fighting the good fight.

Generally, this manuscript may come up as a book that’s basically about your journey to discovering what it really takes to finally come to terms with being a father to a child—a son, for that matter—whom you have spent so many years trying to live without. This part of your life has been the ultimate turning point in your long-standing pursuit of a lasting relationship and, even perhaps, self-discovery.

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*Promotional Book Trailer*

“It seems as if we see life as competition more than we see it as contribution! Competition appears even when we find ourselves contributing.”~ Clayton Reid Jones

We’re wrapping up production for the book and the release date along with availability coming soon…

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Book Trailer for:” Who Else could it be But God?”

Clayton Reid Jones

Author Clayton Reid Jones. Follow Clayton Jones on Facebook

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Book Trailer for:” Who Else could it be But God?”

Author Clayton Reid Jones. Follow Clayton Jones on Facebook

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“Who Else Could it be but God”?

Promotional Book Trailer

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Who Else could it be but God


Oh my God, it became so clear! It could only be one who could possibly know everything I’d been fearful of and thinking about when it came to this reunion. Who could know that deep inside I really wanted to do the right thing but needed help to overcome my fears?

Have you ever experienced something that has changed the way you viewed the world and those around you?  In Who Else Could It Be but God?, author Clayton Reid Jones shares certain experiences from his life that ultimately altered his perception of the world he lived in. Following a dramatic chain of events, Jones had to face the truth about his life and his relationships. He also had to face a fear that he spent the majority of his adult life running away from—a fear that, in the end, led him to God.

Coming 2013!

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